Trissur Pooram Festival (19-20 April 2024)

Thrissur Pooram is one of the most vibrant and spectacular temple festivals in Kerala, celebrated annually at the Vadakkunnathan Temple in Thrissur. It is known for its grand procession of decorated elephants, traditional percussion ensembles like the Chenda Melam, and breathtaking fireworks displays. The festival typically falls in the Malayalam month of Medam (April-May) and is a symbol of cultural and religious harmony, bringing together people of all communities to witness the grandeur of Kerala’s traditional art forms and rituals. The highlight of Thrissur Pooram is the procession of elephants adorned with colorful umbrellas, decorative gold caparisons, and traditional ornaments. The rhythmic beats of the Chenda and other percussion instruments fill the air, creating an electrifying atmosphere. The festival also features various cultural events, including Kathakali performances, traditional dance forms like Thiruvathira and Kummattikali, and a display of fireworks that illuminates the night sky.

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