Meghalaya prepares for ‘Strawberry Festival’ to promote agro-tourism

Meghalaya, known for its stunning landscapes, is set to charm visitors with its vibrant ‘Strawberry Festival’ scheduled from April 5 to April 13. The festival, a collaborative effort between the departments of tourism, agriculture, and farmers’ welfare, showcases the state’s commitment to promoting agro-tourism. Under various central and state schemes, the horticulture directorate has meticulously cultivated extensive strawberry plantations, adding to the festival’s allure. The festival will be held in picturesque villages such as Syntung and Nohron in East Khasi Hills, Umktieh and Sohliya in Ri Bhoi, and Baladinggre, Darechikgre, and Durakantragre in West Garo Hills. These locations, known for their scenic beauty, will provide the perfect backdrop for the event, marking the beginning of the strawberry harvest season.

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