After tigers and elephants, India now plans to protect its endangered birds

A 10-year plan proposed by the Indian government hopes to help in the conservation of birds and their habitats in India. The plan could be instrumental in reducing the incidents of birds being impacted by trash and plastic waste by controlling dumping of waste into areas like wetlands that are bird habitats.

The plan proposes a series of short-, medium-, and long-term plans to protect the rare and endangered species of birds; start species recovery programmes of critically endangered ones; introduce landscape approach to control their declining population; protect birds in urban areas; protect their habitats from turning into wastelands; and conserve wetlands and coastal areas that are frequented by birds.

The plan also noted that anthropogenic activities leading to increased levels of greenhouse gas emissions are also impacting the environment on a global scale and thus urged scientific interventions to minimise and mitigate such impacts on avifauna.

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