Madhya Pradesh again ranks first in country with 526 tigers

Madhya Pradesh has not only got the distinction of being a tiger State, but it has also started continuous efforts towards forest-wildlife conservation and upliftment of forest dwellers, along with dealing with global climate change and global warming.

To save the remaining Asiatic Lions in Gir forests of Gujarat from extinction, the State Government has left no stone unturned regarding shifting of a few lions from the Gir forests of Gujarat to Kuno National Park as per the Supreme Court directions. There has been abundant production of forest produce in the State this year compared to last year.

This year, 2.73 lakh cubic metres of timber, 1.62 lakh cubic metres of firewood and 34,000 notional tons of bamboo have been produced, which is 56 percent more in timber, 30 percent more in firewood and 26 percent more in bamboo compared to last year.

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