Majestic Dudhwa Tiger Reserve open for the season

The world-famous Dudhwa Tiger Reserve (DTR) is once again open to public for the tourist season, starting November 15 and concluding on June 15.

Dudhwa Tiger Reserve comprises of the Dudhwa National Park and Kishanpur and Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuaries. The place has reopened with a new welcome gate and attractions, including the opportunity to lunch with the jungle natives.

Signage and indicators have been ramped up at various locations to not only guide tourists during their jungle safari but also reveal the untouched natural beauty of the Dudhwa wildlife. While its indigenous population of swamp deer, tigers and rhinos remains a key attraction, tourists can now also get a glimpse of the local Tharu culture and customs.

Located on India-Nepal border and inhabited by various species of mammals, reptiles and birds, the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve attracts thousands of tourists, researchers and wildlife enthusiasts from India and abroad every year.

Nearly 450 species of birds, langoors, herds of deer and rhesus monkeys can be found at the Dudhwa National Park. The nearby Kishanpur Sanctuary, has also emerged as a major tourist centre since last year, owing to the frequent sightings of tigers.

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