Nepal government raises visa fees for foreigners

Effective July 17, 2019, foreign nationals visiting Nepal will need to pay a higher fee to enter the country.

As per the provision, foreigners visiting Nepal on a 15-day multiple-entry tourist visa will have to pay $30 in fees, up from existing $25.

Those obtaining 30-day multiple-entry tourist visa will have to pay $50, while those visiting Nepal on a 90-day visa will have to pay $125. Existing rates for the aforementioned visa types are $40 and $100, respectively.

Visa charge for those visiting Nepal on a 30-day non-tourist visa has been set at $30.

The government has also revised fees for acquiring a trekking route permit for foreigners. As per the revised rates, foreigners willing to trek to Upper Mustang and Upper Dolpa have to pay $500 for the first 10 days. If they plan to extend their journey beyond 10 days, they will be charged $50 per day.

However, travellers from SAARC countries, except India and Afghanistan, enjoy free multiple-entry tourist visa for 30 days, and $3 per day thereafter.

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