Thank You, Creative

I had the pleasure of being the tour leader of our FamTrip organized during 24-31 March.

This was my first trip to Incredible India but for surely not the last.  It was a big, pleasant surprise for me and this would not have happened without Creative Travel’s extensive hospitality and attention during the whole trip.

From the first moment we exited the airport, until the last day when we were preparing to return to Romania loaded with lots of wonderful memories and experiences, we felt that we were important for Creative Travel, we felt safe and we experienced the real Indian hospitality.

For all this, I have to thank Creative Travel’s entire team who helped in organizing this and especially to Girish, Anuj, Shivi, Akhilesh, Kundan and Inder. Hope that I didn’t miss anybody and hopefully I will return soon to Incredible India.

Zoltan SZABO

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