Mind, Body & Soul of India

From the ancient land of rituals and traditions come two practices which have become popular the world over – Yoga and Ayurveda. These holistic healing and wellbeing methods are still integrated into the daily life and activities of people in several parts of India. Our “Mind, Body & Soul of India” journey offers the opportunity to experience and indulge in these age-old rituals, set amongst the idyllic backdrop of “God’s own Country” Kerala.

Learn the art of Yoga and meditation with our tour expert, Mini Thapar Shastri. Soak in the natural healing of Ayurveda, a wellness practice which dates back over 5,000 years to India’s Vedic era. Cruise through the serene and silent backwaters – a network of stunning lakes, canals and lagoons along the picturesque Malabar Coast. All this while we fully immerse you into the local culture and way of life with a taste of the regional cuisine, dance, art, daily life and much more! Detailed Itinerary

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