“Glamping” through India

The concept of “glamping” was made for India, where royal caravans and hunting grounds have existed for centuries, providing a majestic twist to travel through its lush jungles. India has a varied spread of mountains, valleys and plains that offer a wide selection of exciting camping grounds and recreational parks. These are also the setting for some of the most luxurious off-road adventures you will find in the country, accompanied by local experts and wildlife enthusiasts who know the area best. And the options are galore! Try Bharatpur, which houses one of the most famous bird sanctuaries in India. Or follow the paths of the majestic Bengal Tiger at Ranthambore National Park, India’s most popular park and former hunting ground for the erstwhile Maharaja of Jaipur. What about bird watching at India’s biggest inland salt lake at Sambhar. Or a hunt for the evasive Snow Leopard in the snowy peaks of the Northern Himalayas. All throughout, you get to “glamp” in style at eco-friendly lodges and luxury campsites. Even better, you can opt for a moving “caravan” – designed to travel to some of the most secluded spots of the country in a light and comfortable way. Traditionally, these caravans were the home of the gypsies who would travel from place to place, collecting local folklore and traditions. Now, travelers can do the same accompanied by local hosts and guides who have their own fascinating stories to share. So, bring your adventurous side forward while you unwind in the lap of nature, reconnecting with yourself and bonding with each other, over bonfires and the call of the wild.

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