Hornbill Festival: The Warrior Tribes of Nagaland

In the remote north east of India lies the colourful state of Nagaland, where tribal life is still resplendent with strong traditions and culture. Highly revered by the Nagas, Hornbill is one of the largest celebrations of the indigenous warrior tribes of Nagaland. Every December, the state comes alive with weeklong festivities featuring traditional arts, dances, folk songs, games, and even music concerts. It’s a great time to visit Nagaland and get to know its indigenous cultures, while interacting with the locals. Named after the Indian hornbill – a bird found across the land and its folklore; celebrations of the festival mostly center around the heritage village of Kisama, not far from the capital city of Kohima. You will step inside a village atmosphere, surrounded by beautiful replicas of tribal huts and the haunting symphony of log drums beaten every day at dusk. Pick up a souvenir at one of the many handicraft stalls; try the succulent smoked pork, a local delicacy; and drink the delicious local beer! We will combine your journey with the tribal villages of the area where you get to witness everyday life, visit local homes and interact with the people to know more about the unique culture of this region.

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