Let’s Say Shalom: Exploring the Jewish Legacy of India

One of the earliest communities to arrive on the Indian shores, Jews have called the country home for thousands of years. From the Bene Israelis, who trace their history to a shipwreck off the Konkan coast 2000 years ago to the traders of Judea who arrived here as early as 562 BC; there are three distinct groups of Jews in India today, each with their own legacy. What’s unique between them is the open and inclusive cultural assimilation that has created a unique Jewish identity in India’s cultural fabric. From architecturally stunning synagogues to locally inspired Kosher cuisine, one finds fascinating glimpses of Jewish heritage across the country, which also offer a unique way to experience India. Where to explore India’s Jewish Heritage? Cochin and Mumbai are the two main centers for Indian Jews as the surrounding regions are where the earliest settlers made their base. Our curated experiences in these regions throw light on the community’s history and culture as we visit sites such as local synagogues, ancient ports and other historic sports that have played a key role in India’s Jewish history. Reach out to us for a sample of a Jewish Heritage program.

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