Royal Kitchens of Mahmudabad

Travel to Mahmudabad on the outskirts of the city of Lucknow for a royal rendezvous with one of the most prominent noble families of erstwhile Oudh. Over a slow-cooked meal, prepared in the historic kitchens of Mahmudabad, you get to explore the rich traditions and history of one of the largest “taluqdaris” (aristocratic estates) of the Mughal empire. The culinary heritage of the estate extends well over 400 years. Recipes stretch back to the time of the famed Mughal Empress, Noor Jahan, while some originated in the hands of “hakims” or Unani medical practitioners who also acted as private dietitians to the royal family. You will enjoy a curated meal here, made with such recipes passed down from generations, embraced and modified over the years into a unique culinary tradition that cannot be found anywhere else in the country. All this while you are hosted by the royal family inside their residence, an exquisite “qila” that takes one back to a time of royal banquets and family dinners.

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